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You can buy prints and other products through the paypal secure payment centre (you do not need to have or create a PayPal account). Just click on a "Buy Print" button below any image you wish to purchase.

In the case of digital files, these are sold on a "royalty-free" basis: for a one-off fee (the purchase price) you can use the image as often, for any purpose (including publication in any medium), as you please. However, note that copyright remains with the photographer and you may not sell, licence or grant rights or permissions to third parties for the use of the image.

In addition to being able to buy prints from this site, I occasionally list some of my prints for sale on eBay. These sales are a good opportunity to buy prints at prices significantly below the normal prices given below. Check the site regularly to see when auctions happen or subscribe to the mailing list to be kept informed of new auctions.


35mm prints (rectangular images):

Note that the above sizes are approximate and are given as an indicative guide only; the actual sizes of prints differ slightly because the aspect ratio of 35mm film differs from that of A3/A4.

Medium format prints (square images):

Unless otherwise stated, all prints, including prints of digital photographs, are either C-type prints (colour prints) or silver gelatin prints (b&w prints) - not inkjet prints.

Prints are made on archive photographic paper, unframed and unmounted, but with sufficient borders so as to be easily mounted and framed. The actual prints may differ slightly in appearance from those on this site as prints are individually balanced and printed. Once your order has been received, prints will normally be sent within 28 days but sometimes may take a little longer - you will be notified if there is any significant delay.

Prints are available in other sizes. If you would like a print in a different size from the ones above, please e-mail me and I will give you further details about price etc.

Some images are printed on special medium (e.g. fabric, transparency or canvas) and these are usually only available in one size or format. Such images are priced individually. Some may be available on photographic paper if so desired. Again, please e-mail me for further information.

Digital Files

8 bits/channel jpeg files:

File sizes vary: typically 5-10MB for a colour image and 2-6MB for a B&W image. The files are normally e-mailed to you, so please provide an e-mail address whose inbox can handle large attachments. Alternatively, especially if you are buying several images, the files can be sent to you on a CD if this is more convenient. I will contact you regarding the best way to send images to you if necessary.

Please contact me if you would like to know the precise pixel dimension and file size of a specific image.


Through a Lens Darkly: Urban Landscapes 1998 - 2006     £12.00
ISBN 978-0-9555026-0-6
108pp 53 images A4 softback       cover price £12


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